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With over 20 years of experience in the tourism sector, Carrigower Leisure is a specialist data company developing novel digital information products for a variety of clients.


What We Do 


Who are your customers and what do they want?
We carry out customer research and analysis. We help you understand your customer and their requirements.

Data & Cartography

Do you need data or mapping products?

We can create or access data globally to generate cartographic mapping and information products for your customers.


Need a novel way to get information to your customers?
We develop interesting information delivery applications to keep your customers entertained and engaged. 



Customer Research

We’ve developed tourism and recreation papers and strategies for public and private sector organisations which helps steer the development of assets strategically and sustainably (e.g. past team projects for: Cork County Council, Red Oaks Technology, Irish Sports Council, Leader Groups).

Data and Cartography

We’ve worked across the world creating and collating data for multiple purposes e.g. mapping assets with GIS technology, analysing customers or user requirements and identifying opportunities for growth (e.g. past team projects for: EU, NASA, Global WASH Cluster, VALID International, Irish Coast Guard).


We’ve worked with many groups to develop content for hard and soft copy publications and digital information products. We’ve developed the WILDER WANDER App and educational platform as a tool for agencies to engage visitors in the great outdoors without the high cost of creating their own software (e.g. past team projects for: Dublin City Council, Coillte, Wexford County Council, University College Cork).

SOme of 

The Team

Vicki O'Donnell

Vicki is an information specialist with a background in geospatial research and has worked with tourism organisations for over 20 years.

Pat O'Donnell

Pat has expertise in developing tourism and leisure assets. He also works on sustainable energy projects for tourism organisations.

Deirdre McGuirk

Deirdre is a data specialist and software developer with expertise in developing information products for a variety of industries. 

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